The National Neighborhood Coalition

The demands on nonprofit and community-based organizations to be the problem-solvers for the nation's urban neighborhoods and rural communities have increased tremendously since the NNC was formed in 1979. For businesses and organizations that are concerned about neighborhood issues and want to stay ahead in these challenging times, the NNC provides relevant and timely information about programs and trends, a policy voice in Washington, and a support network of organizations and individuals with similar goals.

The NNC is a convener of people and organizations concerned about neighborhoods, a conduit of information about programs and policies, and an advocate for neighborhoods and community and neighborhood-based organizations.

What They Do

The NNC serves as a crucial link to Washington for neighborhood and community-based organizations and an important networking resource for representatives of regional and national organizations involved in community development, housing and a wide range of other neighborhood issues.

  • The Forum Program -- NNC's monthly forums feature presentations by senior government officials and other leaders on a wide range of timely and topical neighborhood issues. Members of the NNC network also have a regular opportunity at the forums to exchange news and information on programs and issues that are important to lower income communities.
  • The NNC Voice-- All members receive The Voice, the nationally acclaimed newsletter of the NNC. A comprehensive source of news and information about neighborhood issues, The Voice lists job openings, publications, events, and information about activities of NNC members.
  • Advocacy -- No other organization brings such a broad based network together to inform policymakers about the concerns of neighborhoods and communities.
  • Educational and Information Clearinghouse -- The NNC is the source for information on issues affecting low and moderate-income neighborhoods.
  • Discussion - Generate worthwhile discussions on topics affecting consumers

What We Need

Is greater awareness of of domestic issues such as environmental and business legislation that affects the householder and the neighborhood. for instance, the business or household consumer cannot compare and shop around for gas prices unlike they can in the UK where business gas and household cas can compare prices and swap supplier if desired.


What People Say About the NNC


Senator Paul Sarbanes, Maryland

"As the nation faces a dual crisis of severe shortages of affordable housing and community disinvestment, it is essential that we work together to develop solutions that create strong communities. The National Neighborhood Coalition is a leading catalyst for creating these solutions and working with policy makers to put them into action."

Eva Plaza, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing, HUD

"The NNC has been involved in such issues as community reinvestment, financial modernization, welfare to work, transportation and public housing reform. I commend you for your advocacy on these important issues."

Jim Faulstich, former President Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle

"The members of the National Neighborhood Coalition are very important to the Federal Home Loan Banks...they are participating in our programs and helping us become even more valued partners."

Jim Johnson, Former Chairman, Fannie Mae

"The National Neighborhood Coalition provides an influential and necessary forum for discussing public policies related to low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. We at Fannie Mae, and the Fannie Mae Foundation, admire and benefit from your work."

Pablo Eisenberg, Georgetown Public Policy Institute (NNC Founding Chair)

"The National Neighborhood Coalition has become an indispensable source of information and a key forum about neighborhood and community problems and programs. It continues to serve as an important catalyst for new ideas and policy initiatives."